The Top 3 Online Business Options For Sole Income Earners


The "Traditional Way" of earning an income has been failing to provide adequate income for the family, necessitating that the family's income be supplemented by another member of the family, which often turns out to be the spouse.

This is NOT an option for Sole Income Earners (Breadwinners) or Single-Parent families!

One-third of the breadwinners, in the UK, are women!

Any "Online Business Strategy" has to address the following problems:

  • The inability to increase income earning capacity, to counteract the effects of the ever-soaring inflation rate,
  • The need to earn and grow income without any limitations,
  • The need to earn substantial income without having to work a 70-hour week!
  • The ability to earn income worldwide, from multiple different sources, for greater income stability,
  • Job Insecurity due to the increasing use of "Automation" and  "Artificial Intelligence",
  • The need for the business to stay viable in the long run by choosing the right training course to "re-skill" and stay up-to-date.

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The Sad Truth About Single-Parent Families

Food Aid

According to the ONS (Office for National Statistics), in 2021, there were 3.0 million single-parent families, which accounts for 15.4% of families in the United Kingdom.

In an exclusive research project, The Guardian revealed that following a decade of austerity-driven cuts to benefits has left single-parent families as one of the most exposed groups to soaring inflation.

Government support prior to 2008 was up to the age of 16 years but at the present time stops after 12 months!

More Facts About Single-Parent Families:

  • 55% have one child
  • 32% have two children
  • 13% have three or more children
  • 68% are food insecure
  • 20% have visited a food bank
  • 51% are in debt
  • 31% are unable to heat their home
  • 18% have gone without toiletries

According to The Child Poverty Action Group in 2021, the total cost of raising a child to the age of 18 years, stood at almost £194,000 for a single parent.

It is obvious that anyone earning a salary by working "the traditional way"... for a boss, is NOT going to be able to earn enough income to counteract the inflation rate, let alone build up a nest egg!

That is why these "3 Simple Online Income Strategies" have PROVEN to work for single-parent families around the world.

The Top 3 Online Income Strategies:

  1. Affiliate Marketing

  2. Coaching, Mentoring, or Teaching

  3. Creating or Selling Your Own Product or Brand


  1. Affiliate Marketing

In "Affiliate Marketing", companies that want to have increased exposure and sales of their products or services, pay a commission to the promoter (known as an Affiliate) when it results in a sale.

Affiliates may promote such products:

  • on their website
  • create product review videos
  • create posts on social media
  • make use of email marketing

                 PROS                                                 CONS

  • low risk, low start-up costs, low overheads
  • require no premises, inventory or staff
  • work from anywhere or from home
  • earn money while you're learning new skills
  • require just a laptop and internet connection to get started
  • no previous experience is required to set up
  • work how, where and when you choose
  • once the business has been set up, most of the day-to-day tasks can be automated, requiring little online supervision to keep the business running smoothly
  • earn income 24/7, all year round on autopilot, even while you sleep
  • total time freedom to attend to your family's needs and to all your dreams
  • total control of your life, not answerable to a boss
  • can earn income worldwide which makes for a more secure and stable income
  • have unlimited income growth potential
  • say goodbye to the daily commute in heavy traffic
  • it is important to promote high-ticket products to remain profitable in the long run
  • it takes time and planning to identify the right people or "niche" to promote a product or service to
  • requires a lot of self-discipline to do what is required and to hold yourself accountable
  • you are solely responsible for your income
  • not all the prospects viewing an advert or promotion may be ready to buy at that moment
  • paid advertising yields the best results but it is expensive
  • lack of daily contact with people may cause emotional problems like loneliness
  • Initially, there may be a lack of steady income every month
  • the need to continue to keep up with the latest technology; that is also true, for a regular brick-and-mortar business
  • You have little control over the product or service - choosing the right product or service to promote is of paramount importance

   2. Coaching, Mentoring, or Teaching

Coaching is one of the fastest-growing online income options.

Everyone has some skill or hobby that can be turned into an online business.

Here is a short list of skills that can be used to generate online income:

horse riding
teaching music or languages etc.

Coaching, Mentoring and Teaching are slightly different and it is important to choose the one that best suits your needs.


  • Involves helping someone achieve a specific need like a golf handicap, language pronunciation, or a particular financial target.
  • Usually involves "mano-a-mano" sessions but can also involve "group" coaching.
  • Involves guidance, technique and mini-targets that may be set to keep the mentee accountable.


  • Is guidance over a prolonged period of time and usually involves career guidance.


  • Involves a properly laid out curriculum, homework and various assessments.

                 PROS                                                CONS

  • Online one-on-one coaching is tailored to meet an individual's needs or goals
  • One can charge a high premium for such coaching
  • Online coaching is one the fastest growing online business sectors - especially group coaching
  • Online coaching can be accessed by a worldwide audience - much more income
  • The flexible, personalized coaching yields faster results
  • One-on-one coaching can be expensive and not accessible for many individuals
  • Income from one-on-one coaching is limited by the number of available sessions
  • You need to identify a particular group or "niche" of people that can benefit from the product or service you wish to promote
  • Not all prospects viewing an advert or promotion may be ready to buy at that moment
  • Paid Advertising on various platforms yields results faster but is expensive

   3. Selling Your Own Product or Creating Your Own Brand To Sell

You may already have a High Street business selling your own products and may also want to also provide an online service for your customers.

This option will stabilize your income because trading online allows you to sell your products worldwide!

Many High Street businesses closed their doors for good during the many lockdown crises.

Those businesses that embraced online trading continued to thrive and grow despite the lack of foot traffic.

In today's Digital World, it is easy to have your own brand of goods produced for you, like toys, bicycles,  clothes, toiletries, vitamins, health supplements, exercise equipment... the list is endless!

Not only that, it can be delivered to an Amazon Warehouse that will do the selling and servicing of your product too.

All you do is use your capital to have the item made and delivered and let Amazon do the rest for you!

                 PROS                                                CONS

  • After the initial research on costs and the selection of the right products for your specific niche, the product will eventually sell itself
  • You have complete control of the specifications of the product and its uniqueness
  • Selling your own products allows for a greater profit margin
  • In the long run, a quality product with an easily identifiable logo will build loyalty to your brand
  • It is important to pick the right product or service to promote in order to get a good commission
  • Selling low-cost products or services is not a viable proposition
  • You need to identify a particular group or "niche" of people that can benefit from the product or service you wish to promote
  • Not all prospects viewing an advert or promotion may be ready to buy at that moment
  • Paid Advertising on various platforms yields results faster but is expensive


Affiliate Marketing is the starting point for digital entrepreneurs and is ideal for single-parent families because it requires no previous experience.

The beauty of Affiliate Marketing is that once the initial setup is completed most of the day-to-day tasks can be automated.

This allows the single parent to spend most of their time with their child/ren without jeopardizing their income.

The main advantage is that an Online Business allows for multiple income sources at the same time and provides more stable income and the ability to GROW income with no restrictions.

It has a low starting cost and you only need a laptop and an internet connection to get started!

It is also the starting point for other options like Coaching or Selling / Creating your own brand.

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You get to learn the theory and also get to implement what you have learned.

"It's not what you know but what you do with that knowledge that determines your success.

Affiliate marketing allows you to earn and leverage your income unlike working for a salary.

Having the choice to work, how, where and when, allows you to take back control of life and do away with the unwanted baggage of the 9 to 5 job!

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